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HVAC Maintenance Subscriptions

Planned HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money!

Yearly maintenance of your HVAC extends the life of your system, saving you the headache and money of having to replace a unit early!


  • Save money on each Yearly Servicing
  • Get 15% discounts for All Addition Service Work
  • Never Pay an Overtime Charge
  • Get Priority Service over non-Agreement Customers

What Does My Plan Include?

  • Check refrigerant charge, visually check for leaks.
  • Check compressor contactor/motor start relays.
  • Check belts for wear and replace as needed.
  • Check burner operation/burners/pilots/ignition sequence.
  • Check voltage and amps for all motors.
  • Check capacitors for oil discharge.
  • Check electrical connections for loose or burnt connections.
  • Check and clean condensers; pressure wash annually.

Don’t Wait To Save!

Subscription auto-renews yearly unless cancelled. (2x) indicates equipment that is serviced in the Spring & Fall.


  • Electric Forced-Air Furnace – $159.00
  • Gas Forced-Air Furnace – $159.00
  • Boiler – $199.00
  • Gas Furnace with AC – $259.00 (2x service)
  • Electric Furnace with Heat Pump – $259.00 (2x)
  • Hybrid Gas Furnace with Heat Pump – $299.00 (2x)
  • GeoThermal Heat Pump – $299.00 (2x)